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The opening of this movie, given recent events is truly chilling.

You have a woman at a beach area who decides to go out and get gifts for her kids.. being that she is going home soon.

While she is out the area is hit by a tidal wave. The image of the water going out, the slamming back in is truly chilling given how true it is.  This is shown because this character has a need death experience that changes her life, and sets up her role for the rest of the movie.

I know this whole scene was based on the disaster from a few years back, and given that and recent events it is truly powerful...probably the most powerful thing about this movie.

The movie as a whole follows 3 different characters dealing with issues of life and afterlife. You have the person mentioned above who is looking for how to deal with and talk to others about her experience. You have a boy who is coping with the unexpected death of someone very close to him. And you have the former psychic, who is apparently the real deal, who whats to escape his so called gift and really connect with someone.

The movie follows all of these characters, through their lives and through major events.

The whole thing is pretty slow moving and seems like a meditation on the subject more than a movie.


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