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Gideon's Swords by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
New series out by my favorite authors and it's OK, not great.

The first thing is that this is NOT a part of the Pendergast series. It's also got several differences from that series.

The characters have a few things in common, but also have several major difference. Gideon Crew, is a clever character that seems to get lucky as often as anything. He deals with a major plot point pretty efficiently in the beggining of the book, which is all and all pretty good. But, as we get to the center of the book everything is a lot more on the fly...it's kinda a standard action novel in that way.

Add to that Gideon doesn't have much of a support system...it all feels a little out there.

Now, Eli Glinn and ESS, from Ice Limit, are back here, and this could be an interesting series if they have him become his support system. Although, here they are in an essential role, although do not show up in but a few chapters.

On the positive side...these guys can still really build a setting and atmosphere.

All in all this book was OK, but not great. A decent read assuming you can suspend disbelief and just go with the action


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