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Something from the Nightside by Simon R. Green
Blood Red
I will read just about anything...mind you I like some things more than others. I'm not a romance fan, i'm not a western fan and i'm not a big non-fiction fan. All that being said I do like fanstasy. I have nothing against Urban fantasy.

I picked up this book because I was told that it's the same kind of book as the Dresden files books by Jim Butcher.

This book isn't bad, it just seems like it could have been more. First thing I noticed about it is how short it is. It comes in at a total of 230 pages. Now in that 230 pages there is a beginning, middle and end, but there isn't the depth you would expect from the first book in a series like this. I want to really get a feel for the world this is happening in.

There are some efforts made to give the Nightside a bit of texture, but I was really hoping for more. With the first book in a series like this the world needs to be established! Show us what ya got!

I might try the next in the series...but i might not...i'm not feeling compelled to the next book like i have felt with other series i've read.


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