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Blood Red
I like alien invasion movies. They can be fun. Part of it is taking a situation where we shouldn't have any chance and have their be some kind of last minute turn where humanity some how survives.

This is movie where they really get bleak. Comparatively this is more like Cloverfield than anything, although Cloverfield is a better movie. This is an alien invasion movie told from the point of view of a group of people in an apartment building...and most of the movie takes place in said apartment building.

There are some gruesome kills...mainly involving brains and spines being ripped out. There is one surprising moment..i won't say here just in case anyone chooses to watch this.

The whole time it feels like there might be something interesting going elsewhere...You see evidence of this at a couple of points. Stretches are boring...really boring. And it was hard to care for these characters.

As far as the cast goes...the guy who plays Turk on Scrubs, Donald Faison, is probably the best known actor here. There are a few more TV familiar faces here too.

I think this goes does for me as the worst movie of 2010.

The opening of this movie, given recent events is truly chilling.

You have a woman at a beach area who decides to go out and get gifts for her kids.. being that she is going home soon.

While she is out the area is hit by a tidal wave. The image of the water going out, the slamming back in is truly chilling given how true it is.  This is shown because this character has a need death experience that changes her life, and sets up her role for the rest of the movie.

I know this whole scene was based on the disaster from a few years back, and given that and recent events it is truly powerful...probably the most powerful thing about this movie.

The movie as a whole follows 3 different characters dealing with issues of life and afterlife. You have the person mentioned above who is looking for how to deal with and talk to others about her experience. You have a boy who is coping with the unexpected death of someone very close to him. And you have the former psychic, who is apparently the real deal, who whats to escape his so called gift and really connect with someone.

The movie follows all of these characters, through their lives and through major events.

The whole thing is pretty slow moving and seems like a meditation on the subject more than a movie.

Jack of All Trades
I've been watching a few old shows on hulu recently. Some of them have been kinda fun.

This weekend i have been watching the Bruce Campbell starring Jack of All Trades from the 90s. This was a 30 minute long show that lasted 2 seasons. It is about a guy named Jack (Campbell) who is a post revolutionary spy who is working against the french on a tropical island.

It isn't what you would call sophisticated by any stretch of the imagination...it's frequently quite crude...but it is kinda fun...in a twisted and anachronistic way. That and Verne Troyer (AkA Mini Me) plays Napoleon.

That and it has a cool theme song that sums up the show pretty well

In 1801 the revolution had been won
And uncle sam's favorite son
Had a job that needed to be done
That brought jack to a lady
Both beautiful and smart
That found his mix intriguing
A scoundrel with a heart
From the hall of Montazuma
To the shorts of Tripoli
There was never a leatherneck braver
A daring dragoon is he
He'll halt the advance of Napolen's attack
There ain't a French or pirate rogue
Who don't know jack
From the hall's of Montazuma
to the shores of Tripoi
Sailing around the bloody world
to defend democracy
And when you need a fighting man
You'd trust to wathc you're back
Just ask the bloke right next to you
It's Jack

Gideon's Swords by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
New series out by my favorite authors and it's OK, not great.

The first thing is that this is NOT a part of the Pendergast series. It's also got several differences from that series.

The characters have a few things in common, but also have several major difference. Gideon Crew, is a clever character that seems to get lucky as often as anything. He deals with a major plot point pretty efficiently in the beggining of the book, which is all and all pretty good. But, as we get to the center of the book everything is a lot more on the fly...it's kinda a standard action novel in that way.

Add to that Gideon doesn't have much of a support system...it all feels a little out there.

Now, Eli Glinn and ESS, from Ice Limit, are back here, and this could be an interesting series if they have him become his support system. Although, here they are in an essential role, although do not show up in but a few chapters.

On the positive side...these guys can still really build a setting and atmosphere.

All in all this book was OK, but not great. A decent read assuming you can suspend disbelief and just go with the action

More travel thoughts...
Blood Red
I'm setting some goals regarding my need to take a vacation! I will have some kind of plan  within the next month.

I've been doing some research about interesting trips I could take, I could take an educational cruise. I could take some kind of cooking tour. I could do a photography adventure. There are lots of different things.

I do have a couple of things I have decided:

1. It's gotta be a big international trip, preferably to somewhere I've never been.

2. It's gotta be at least a week trip but possibly 2 weeks.

3. I cant, unfortunately afford a ridiculously expensive trip

Any suggestions are still really welcomed!

Traveling questions...
Blood Red
It has been well over 2 years since I took a big vacation and last time I took one it was with someone I never want to travel with again. Now, at that time I promised myself that I was going to take another big trip in a year...but that didn't happen. It never seems to happen.

So, now I'm looking into taking a trip but this time on my own. The major issue is I don't know where to go or what to do. I mean safety is a concern...so is that there are so many different options. I mean you can go pretty much anywhere from the amazon jungle to Antarctica to big cities on every continent. There are too many options.

Any suggestions?

5 Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly
Blood Red
Mr. Reilly really is the book version of watching a Michael Bay movie. It's over the top, impossible, but still kinda fun.

Now a note to all the right wingers out there...these are military type books where America isn't always the good guy... heck there are usually some bad Americans in several of his books.

Now 5 greatest warriors picks up right where his last book, Six Sacred stones left off. It continues the save-the-world and kick-bad-guy-ass storyline that started in 6 stones.

This is also the 3rd in the Jack West Jr. Series. 7 deadly wonders also features much of the same cast, but in that case the primary story is wrapped at the end of the book. I would guess that Reilly is planning on counting all the way down to 1 but we shall see.

This book has interesting set pieces, international settings and more action than the before mentioned Mr. Bay would know what to do with...honestly i'm surprised the director and this author haven't come together yet.

Is the book completely ridiculous? Absolutely! Totally over the top? Without a doubt. But all and all it's still a fun read if you are looking for something with absolutly no depth and no concern to that fact.

Something from the Nightside by Simon R. Green
Blood Red
I will read just about anything...mind you I like some things more than others. I'm not a romance fan, i'm not a western fan and i'm not a big non-fiction fan. All that being said I do like fanstasy. I have nothing against Urban fantasy.

I picked up this book because I was told that it's the same kind of book as the Dresden files books by Jim Butcher.

This book isn't bad, it just seems like it could have been more. First thing I noticed about it is how short it is. It comes in at a total of 230 pages. Now in that 230 pages there is a beginning, middle and end, but there isn't the depth you would expect from the first book in a series like this. I want to really get a feel for the world this is happening in.

There are some efforts made to give the Nightside a bit of texture, but I was really hoping for more. With the first book in a series like this the world needs to be established! Show us what ya got!

I might try the next in the series...but i might not...i'm not feeling compelled to the next book like i have felt with other series i've read.

Doomsday (2008)
Blood Red
What is up with goth-esque versions of the future? I mean a killer virus hits and everyone goes all Sand M it's too weird for me.

I got the chance to watch 2008's Doomsday, directed by that guy who did the Decent, which i haven't seen.

Now i vaguely remember seeing TV ads for this but I had NO CLUE this was an aftermath of a deadly virus move. It's not that great of one either!

I mean this movie can't decide what it wants to be... and action movie? Horror movie? Weird social commentary?

Not to mention the lead actress is a dead ringer for Kate Bekensale.

Growing up by the book
Blood Red
I was thinking today about reading and books and the process of growing up and getting older.

I have enjoyed reading since i was really young. When I was a kid i liked reading the Dr. Seuss books along with several others. I know during the holiday season I read the night before Christmas so many times i could recite it  from memory.

Later on, in grade school I really enjoyed reading standard young adult books. Things like Babysitters club and other books like that.

What i've been trying to put a finger on is when I started reading "adult" books. Meaning full length novels. And I also mean for my own interests as opposed to having to read them for class.

I remember in elementary school thinking that there was such a difference between what I was reading and those scary long things that adults called books.

The first one that comes to mind was Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton  which i read i think in 8th grade. I'm thinking there might have been one or 2 before that, depending on your definition of adult books.

I do know one thing, by the time i left junior high i also left behind all the YA reading.

I wonder, if i were a kid today would i be a Harry Potter fan? a Twilight fan? I don't know. The positive is that these series are motivating young people to read and not to be afraid of the scary long books. That's truly a good


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